Ultimate Deployment Flexibility with SparkLMS

Date published: 10 Apr 2018

One of the main decisions to make when evaluating a loan management platform for any lending portfolio is the deployment option. Should it be cloud-based? Self-hosted? A hybrid? How should lenders decide? And most importantly, can the loan management platform that have been chosen offers a deployment option to lender’s specific needs?

There are many aspects to consider:

  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Financial considerations – CapEx, OpEx, ROI etc
  • Time to market requirements
  • Lender’s existing infrastructure
  • Maintenance and Support

This guide will help lenders to decide which deployment option is right for their portfolio. SparkLMS’s multiple deployment strategies can benefit lenders from the flexibility of a loan management solution perfectly tailored to their portfolio’s unique business needs.

The below illustration provides a summary of flexible deployment options offered by SparkLMS

SparkLMS SaaS

This is a fully hosted model on the cloud with lender’s Website, Landing Pages, CMS (Content Management System) LMS Front end, workflow and data reside in SparkLMS infrastructure with the highest levels of performance, stability, redundancy and security. With this offering, SparkLMS provides end-to-end support for all aspects of the Lending Life Cycle. This is suitable for lenders who do not have an IT team.

SparkLMS SaaS Hybrid

In this model lender’s website and landing pages are hosted in lender’s infrastructure while SparkLMS including the Front end, workflow and data will reside in SparkLMS infrastructure and will be managed by SparkLMS team. In addition, the Database of lender’s SparkLMS instance is mirrored to Lender’s Database server so that the entire data is readily available to the lender all the time. This is suitable for lenders who have a web development team and digital marketing team to manage lead acquisition.

SparkLMS On-Premise

SparkLMS and the websites are hosted in lender’s own infrastructure. The lender takes on the responsibilities of hosting and managing SparkLMS including the Front end, workflow and data from dedicated or cloud servers owned by lender. This deployment option provides the greatest level of flexibility, control and allows heavy customizations. On-premise customers also benefit from the control over their own security, reliability and performance by deploying behind their own firewall.

Suitable for organizations with IT infrastructure and a large IT team.

SparkLMS On-Premise Hybrid

Like On-premise model, SparkLMS and the websites are hosted in lender’s own infrastructure. However, SparkLMS Team takes responsibility of maintenance, support and customization activities as needed by the lender. Suitable for organizations with IT infrastructure team but, do not have an IT team.

SparkLMS Public Cloud

Deploy and manage SparkLMS instance on any of the cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure as needed by the lender. This option provides greater flexibility, control and all the benefits of On-premise model, without the capital investment in lender’s own infrastructure. Lenders have the option to manage their public cloud SparkLMS instance by themselves or they can opt to have the SparkLMS instance managed by SparkLMS Team.

SparkLMS is the most flexible and customizable Loan Management System and delivers unmatched flexibility across every aspect of Loan Management System deployment. Unlike other Loan Management Systems with their proprietary platforms and rigid deployment models, SparkLMS provides the freedom to deploy in a manner that best suits every lender’s business. Lenders can choose and select from a variety of deployment models ranging from true SaaS to Cloud to On-Premise installations.

With SparkLMS, lenders can future-proof their implementation with a Loan Management System that will allow them to scale and evolve in an ever-changing business landscape.

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