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The Power of Tagging in SparkLMS Loan Servicing Software

Date published: 22 May 2024

Being organized and efficient is paramount in any lending portfolio where turnaround time is critical. The ability to quickly sort, access, and manage customer and loan information can significantly impact your staff's ability to make timely decisions and respond to market conditions. SparkLMS Loan Management Platform introduces a versatile Tags feature that revolutionizes how agents or tellers of a lending portfolio can categorize and manage the loans and customers in the Loan Servicing Software for Consumer Lending. Here's how this feature can transform lending operations.

Simplified Categorization and Segmentation

The Tags feature in SparkLMS digital lending solutions allows lenders to assign labels to loans and customers, enabling them to effectively organize and segment their portfolios. Whether categorizing loans by risk level (high, medium, or low) or grouping customers based on their loan type (such as watch, follow-up, or staff's name), tags help create a structured system that can be easily navigated. This categorization facilitates quicker access to specific data sets, allowing for more efficient management and monitoring.

Streamlined Communication Strategies

One key benefit of using SparkLMS Consumer Loan Software's Tags feature is the ability to conduct targeted communication campaigns. Lenders can group customers or loans by specific characteristics and then use these groupings to send bulk emails or text messages. For example, if a lender wants to notify all customers with high-risk loans about new repayment options, they can quickly select this tagged group and communicate the information directly. This saves time and ensures that the message is relevant to the recipients, increasing engagement and response rates.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With the ability to tag and group loans and customers, lenders can create Call Queues based on tags so that the Tagged Call Queues can be assigned to specific agents or tellers. In addition, lenders can perform bulk actions that significantly reduce the time and effort needed for individual data handling. Tasks such as exporting tagged loans or customers to Excel, sending reminders, updating loan terms, or exporting data for analysis can be done en masse rather than one at a time. This capability is precious during peak operational hours or when quick action is required in response to regulatory changes or economic shifts.

Improved Risk Management

Tagging in SparkLMS Consumer Loan Software enhances a lender's risk management capabilities. By tagging loans based on their risk levels, lenders can easily monitor and assess the health of their portfolios. High-risk loans can be grouped and watched more closely, enabling proactive management and intervention. This strategic oversight helps mitigate losses and optimize the portfolio for better performance and stability.

Facilitated Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Compliance with regulatory standards is a critical aspect of the lending industry. The Tags feature in SparkLMS Loan Servicing Software simplifies the process of generating compliance reports and conducting audits. Loans and customers that fall under specific regulatory requirements can be tagged accordingly, and relevant data can be quickly exported for review or submission to regulatory bodies. This ensures that lenders can maintain compliance with less effort and more accuracy.

Customer flags in SparkLMS

SparkLMS already features Customer Flags, which allows agents to flag a customer account using a set of predefined and custom flags. The predefined flags include VIP, instant Bank Verified, Debit Card Verified, Payment Authorization Revoked, Email Verified, Cell Phone Verified, Do not Lend, Fraud, Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation. These Customer Flags are automated based on the workflow of customer and loan accounts. In other words, flags are dynamically assigned and updated based on real-time customer account status, loan status and activities.

Customer flags highlight critical account statuses and alerts, thereby helping in risk management, verification status, and critical alerts. The Tags feature categorizes and organizes customer and loan accounts, thereby facilitating customer segmentation, personalized service, and marketing efforts.

Practical Use Cases in Loan Servicing Software

Flags: A loan officer sees a Fraud flag on a customer's account and initiates an investigation immediately. A VIP flag prompts special attention and personalized service for a high-value customer.

Tags: The marketing team uses the Spring 2024 tag to segment customers and analyze the campaign's effectiveness. Customer service uses the Referral Program tag to track and reward referrals.

By leveraging the Flags and Tags features, SparkLMS users can achieve a comprehensive and nuanced approach to customer account management, ensuring critical alerts are addressed promptly while maintaining an organized and efficiently segmented customer base.


The Tags feature in SparkLMS Loan Servicing Software is more than just an essential tool for categorizing or cataloging loans and customers—it's a powerful feature that enhances nearly every aspect of loan management. From improving communication and operational efficiency to strengthening risk management and compliance, tagging helps lenders save time, reduce costs, and improve service delivery. As the lending industry grows in complexity, features like this become invaluable in assisting lenders to maintain a competitive edge and manage their operations more effectively. Leveraging the power of tagging in SparkLMS Loan Servicing Software is a strategic and intelligent choice for any lender looking to optimize their loan management processes.

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