Loan Management System

Unified loan management suite for Payday, Installment, CAB-CSO and Auto Title Lenders

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Lender Development Services

Custom Loan Manangement System with our expertise in technology and lending Industry

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Third Party Integrations

Seamless Integration of third party services and components into your business process

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Lender Marketing Websites

Fully responsive with Integrated CMS to independently manage your website content

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Configuring Emails, Loan Agreements, Underwriting, Scoring, Auto Origination can be done with ease


Task Scheduler

Schedule Emails, ACH file generation and uploads, Returns file downloads and processing with click of buttons

Task scheduler

Payment Handler

A comprehensive module that allows change of a payment, new payment creation, payment schedule generation without doing complex processes

Payment handler
SparkLMS tab interface
Bureau integration

Bureau Integration

Multiple bureaus already integrated allowing the user to pick and choose the desired bureau(s) to user for scoring

ACH process

ACH Process

Allows multiple format files to be created. A huge volume of credits and debits can also be handled easily with batch processing

Configuration underwriting

Configurable Underwriting

Set the number of checks to be performed when taking in a lead. Choose the rules to be used and verify leads with ease

Tailor made

Our flexible software compliments and works with your business processes using bespoke workflows to help you manage everyday tasks with ease

Tailor made


With no large up-front capital requirements, SparkLMS is readily affordable at a modest monthly lease option, making it an ideal method of entry into this market


The ongoing development is driven by client requests, compliance and market requirements in an ever-changing business environment.


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