Third Party Integrations for an efficient Lending Eco System

Date published: 19 Jun 2018

An important trait of any successful lending software is its ability to integrate with third parties and platforms to leverage the best-breed of services and solutions available in the Lending Ecosystem. The core operations of the lending portfolio can be managed by the loan management system while external data, information and services can be obtained from a range of offerings available in the marketplace of third-party providers through a seamless integration with the Loan Management System. The point is that lenders don’t need to spend their precious resources reinventing the wheel within services such as Lead acquisition, Lead Scoring and Decisioning, Payment Processing, E-Sign, Dialer for CRM, Secure Document Storage, E-mail, Messaging, Collections, Reporting etc.

Implementing and managing a high performing and converting website for a successful online lending portfolio

Date published: 14 May 2018

If you have an online lending portfolio, your success highly depends on your website’s performance. Many lenders tend to dismiss the influence their website can have as their key focus could be on their existing customer base, leads from affiliates and leads from lead providers.

Ultimate Deployment Flexibility with SparkLMS

Date published: 10 Apr 2018

One of the main decisions to make when evaluating a loan management platform for any lending portfolio is the deployment option. Should it be cloud-based? Self-hosted? A hybrid? How should lenders decide? And most importantly, can the loan management platform that have been chosen offers a deployment option to lender’s specific needs?

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