Third Party Integration with Mailgun

SparkLMS automated loan processing Third Party Integration with mailgun

Mailgun is a powerful service that enables lenders to send, receive and track email effortlessly from SparkLMS. Lenders will be able to send transactional marketing e-mails with its SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API.

SparkLMS integrates with the best breed of third-party solutions in the Lending Eco-system to run a lending portfolio easily and profitably. Mailgun + SparkLMS integration, offers e-mail delivery, validation and tracking of a lending portfolio.

What it does

With this integration, lenders will be able to

  • Both transactional and marketing e-mails through a single channel
  • Track and validate e-mails that are sent.
  • Reduce your bounce rate by removing temporary and disposable emails from your send


Your first 10,000 messages are free every month.


After on-boarding your lending portfolio on SparkLMS, you must set-up an account with Mailgun. We will guide you through the entire process of configuring Mailgun in your instance of SparkLMS.