Third Party Integration with Usio

SparkLMS automated loan processing Third Party Integration with Usio

USIO provides a secure payment gateway that enables businesses to accept online payments seamlessly, with features such as tokenization, fraud prevention, and recurring billing. It enables businesses to process electronic payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

SparkLMS integrates with the best breed of third-party solutions in the Lending Ecosystem to run a lending portfolio easily and profitably. USIO + SparkLMS integration will allow lenders to disburse loans and collect payments conveniently through various channels, directly from within the SparkLMS platform.

What it does

With this integration, lenders will be able to

  • Offer borrowers convenient payment options directly through SparkLMS.
  • Seamlessly collect loan repayments using USIO's secure payment gateway.
  • Automate reconciliation and reporting processes for incoming loan payments.
  • Disburse loan funds quickly via USIO's prepaid card solutions.
  • Enable mobile payments for borrowers, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.
  • Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with streamlined payment processes.


  • Real-time monitoring of payment statuses and trends.
  • Reduce delinquency rates with automated reminders.
  • Track and manage loan-related fees seamlessly.
  • Tailor payment plans to borrowers' needs.
  • Direct assistance for payment-related queries.
  • Gain valuable insights into payment behavior.


After on-boarding your lending portfolio on SparkLMS, you must set up an account with USIO. We will guide you through the entire process of setting up Usio in your instance of SparkLMS.