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SparkLMS Loan Management Platform combines advanced technology, robust features, and intuitive design to empower financial institutions with seamless loan origination, servicing, and collections capabilities. Our Loan Management Platform is tailored to optimize your lending operations and enhance customer experience. SparkLMS is the ideal solution to effectively manage Installment Loans, Payday Loans, Cash Advances, Auto Title, Revolving Line of Credit and Line of Credit Portfolios from a single, unified platform.

Built from the ground up for the cloud, SparkLMS provides a cost-effective, hassle-free solution that lowers IT costs and offers simplified integration. The platform features a single data model that spans back-office financials to customer records, providing complete visibility and enhanced data management.

As a rapidly growing lender, you need a modern loan management system that offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, and future-proofing for long-term innovation and growth. Whether you're a seasoned lender looking for a new loan management system or a lender just starting out, SparkLMS is the optimal choice.

With SparkLMS, you can streamline your lending operations and gain competitive edge in the market. Experience the benefits of modern, reliable, secure and efficient loan management system through SparkLMS.

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Enhance your business agility by adapting swiftly to regulatory and market shifts, and proactively addressing changing customer needs and industry requirements.


Gain control over your business's risk management and track its performance with our fully auditable business processes and comprehensive analytics.


Transform your lending software initiatives with cloud and mobile based SparkLMS platform, enhancing productivity of your staff and presenting your customers with a superior experience.

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Unified Platform

The SparkLMS as a Loan Management Platform provides a comprehensive and cohesive solution that efficiently manages various types of loans and products, as well as the necessary business rules and reporting standards for both online and physical stores. It provides a centralized system that integrates multiple loan-related components, data, third-party services and functionalities into a single platform, improving efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience.

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Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM

SparkLMS offers end-to-end customer lifecycle through its Lead Management and CRM modules, covering all aspects from lead generation and marketing to call center management, customer retention, upselling, cross-selling, renewals, and customer service. With SparkLMS, you have the flexibility to define your call center workflow, establish a hierarchical team structure, prioritize call queues, and seamlessly integrate with your preferred dialer.


SparkLMS as a Loan Management Platform recognizes the importance of having flexibility when it comes to configuring a variety of items, such as loan agreements, underwriting rules, scoring models, auto-origination, auto-funding rules, email and SMS templates and more. With SparkLMS, you have the ability to define how these items will be utilized within your portfolio, allowing you to customize your lending operations to best meet your specific needs and goals.

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SparkLMS as a Loan Management Platform incorporates customizable underwriting rules based on your lending policies and risk appetite. These rules are designed to automatically assess borrower eligibility, creditworthiness, and loan suitability. By automating underwriting rules, you can expedite the decision-making process while maintaining consistency and adherence to your organization's guidelines. The Lead Management Module of SparkLMS offers a highly effective underwriting component that simplifies this process and empowers lenders to efficiently verify leads before accepting them.

Third party Integration

SparkLMS Loan Management Platform is integrated with all the popular third-party service providers in the lending ecosystem. Be it Credit Bureau and Data Sources or Personal Financial data or ACH Processors or Payment Gateways or Communication Systems, we have the industry-leading third-party services already integrated. This enables lenders to choose the desired service provider to utilize for configuring their loan management workflow with varied combinations. With our seamless integrations, lenders can unlock new levels of operational efficiency, improve risk management, and deliver exceptional borrower experiences.

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Payment Manager

SparkLMS includes a robust "Manage Payments" module designed to streamline and simplify payment processing for both borrowers and lenders. With this module, you can easily track, process, and reconcile loan payments, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all parties involved. The users will be able to create payments, change payments , defer payments, void payments, charge-off payments, write-off payments, create payment arrangements, defer payments and more. This module can be used for all types of loan statuses, from Paying As Agreed to Collections. With our Manage Payments module within the loan management platform, we also provide advanced features such as secure online payments, automated reminders, and robust reporting capabilities. You can streamline the loan repayment process, enhance borrower satisfaction, and optimize your overall loan management operations.

Loan Agreement and E-Sign

SparkLMS facilitates secure document management and verification capabilities, allowing lenders to store, track, and access loan-related documents electronically. Lenders can effortlessly manage multiple Loan Agreements and supporting documents for different types of loans or various states based on the regulatory needs. There are also options available to request documents from the borrowers and for the borrowers to upload documents securely. Our proprietary built-in e-signature component simplifies the signing process, expediting loan approvals and reducing the need for physical paperwork.

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Communication – Email, SMS, Voice and Chat

As a loan management platform, SparkLMS sports a built-in communication module for seamless interaction between lenders and borrowers. Our Communication Module is designed to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and keep all stakeholders informed throughout the loan lifecycle. Secure messaging, real-time updates. document sharing, automated reminders, customizable templates, multi-channel communication including Voice calling, Email, SMS, in-platform messaging, Interactive Chat, Voice drops and Interactive Voice Response. Spark’s communication module empowers lenders and borrowers to interact seamlessly, reducing manual efforts, improving borrower satisfaction, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Self-service Portal for borrowers

Spark Loan Management Platform empowers borrowers with convenient access to their loan information and the ability to manage their accounts independently. Spark’s Self-Service Portal is designed to provide borrowers with a user-friendly and secure platform to access a range of self-service features and take control of their loan experience. Account Dashboard, Loan History, Transaction History, Payment options, Document Management, Notifications and Alerts, Messaging and more. Self-Service Portal is mobile-friendly, allowing borrowers to access their loan information and manage their accounts conveniently from their smartphones or tablets. This accessibility ensures that borrowers have control and flexibility over their loans while on the go. Visit the Customer Portal page.

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